Wood worktop-kitchen centre liverpool

Solid Wood Worktops

Exudes warmth and looks better the older it gets

If its what you want - Go for it!

Even though we have never had such a large choice of kitchen tops, a hardwood kitchen worktop still looks ultra fashionable and modern. 

Warm and inviting

Wood is hard wearing and long lasting, it exudes warmth, and can even look better with a few scratches. It will certainly last and the older it is the better it looks

You could eat your dinner off of it!

Wood possesses a natural acidity that stops bacterial growth which makes it great for food preparation and is highly hygienic for worktops.

Cool contrasts

Dark woods like mahogany or wenge can make stunning contrasts to light coloured cabinets.  For both the traditional and contemporary kitchen solid wood worktops add elegance and warmth that is hard to equal to any home.

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